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StarCraft Compendium

Frimann Icelandics

Arkansas Crisis Response Team

ARCRT had asked for assistance in redeveloping their website. Originally it had been created using HTML and there was virtually no interactivity between the site and visitors. During the redevelopment we added page specific hit counters to track where members spent most of their time, rotating pictures which change each time you visit some of the pages, a guestbook, an extensive contact system where members (once logged in) could contact any other member as well as displaying groups, board members, and historical titles. We incorporated a dynamic calendar and an extensive resources section (for those logged in). To become a member we created a registration page that captured an extensive amount of data, and then allowed the user to update that data via a profile page later on. Finally, for site moderators, we developed a single admin page that allows modification of every page such as adding calendar events, memberships, etc. Any changes to this page are instantly reflected throughout the site. The one thing to note is that I did not change the look of the site, just the function of it.

Current Employer

Working for my current employer I developed an extensive electronic Medical Record software package that touched everything from patient demographics to accounting to insurance. I then expanded the software to include a Human Resources database that drove the entire system and tracked everything for employees including their demographic data, organizational chart, and annual requirements. Another software package developed was the Help Desk, where anyone within the continuum could submit tickets to the maintenance, housekeeping, and information technology departments. The final two software packages that I developed were an employee deficiency database tracking all uncompleted pieces of data in a patients chart, and a HIPAA database where all HIPAA data leaving our facility was tracked.

FHTM Family / Efusjon

For two years, I had partnered with a company called Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing to create an additional source of revenue for my family. I did rather well with it and then moved on to another company called Efusjon. As with all such businesses, you get in, work them hard to make as much money as you can and help others do the same, then eventually get out when the growth stops. Thus, I am no longer active in either company.


Arkansas Society of Enrolled Agents (ARKSEA) is a professional membership organization dedicated to representing, promoting and enhancing the enrolled agent profession. Enrolled Agents (EA's) are unique as the only group of tax practitioners required to maintain their credentials through continuing education which is reported directly to the IRS. Enrolled Agents are equipped to handle the most complex tax returns for individuals, partnerships, corporations and licensed to represent taxpayers before all administrative levels of the IRS.
I developed this website for my tax accountant's group. Their old website was poorly managed and they would have to make changes to the html of each page, then email their new changes to the management company, who would then charge them to upload the pages. The new website is run using extensive ASP driven content to the database, and all changes are made through an admin console which means no coding and instant updates! Click the image to visit the website.

Frimann Icelandics

This is a website I made for my brother-in-law to showcase his Icelandic dogs. He originally wanted to breed the dogs, and this website was developed for him to help show the dogs to potential buyers. I created the look and he updates the content. Click the image to visit the website.

Pamela Manning

Pamela Manning is a friend and singer. She has been in pagents and on stage and this website was desveloped during her attempt to get a label deal. She has since moved and is currently forging her own path as an entrepeneur. As such, this website has been taken off the net.

Knights of Adun

The Knights of Adun website was developed for an internet gaming group in September 2000. The site was originally designed using PHP and then later converted to asp in order to enhance interactivity and updates such as our automated roster (providing the ability to recruit and instantly have people added to the database/listed roster, and the ability to update your member profile, etc.), our ladder (providing the ability to gain instant results from playing others in the ladder), polling center, counters, contact form, and a complex interactive recognition system. I was with the group for 8 years until the last of us finally went our own way.
I should note that there are only 6 links for navigation on this site. The original site had about 12, but I have disabled most of those and thus removed the links. Click the image to visit the website.

Mystic Towers

The Mystic Towers website is more or less a placeholder to showcase my portfolio and provide an online resume. I originally created this website while attempting to publish a video game, and even though I had celebrity and corporate partners, a 1000 page design document, an experienced team ready go, etc., I had trouble finding the appropriate funds to get the project rolling.

StarCraft Compendium

The StarCraft Compendium website was developed for an internet gaming group in 1998 (yea shocking that it is still hosted on Angelfire!), way back before anything really cool could be done on a website. The club this site housed has long since closed. I copied the site from Angelfire to my local computer, then up to this site in 2010 and even though it is not a good example of work, it is the earliest thing that I still have that I can showcase. Click the image to visit the website.